Complete Guide About Hair Loss myths, Causes and how to get rid from Hair Loss

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Complete Guide About Hair Loss myths, Causes and how to get rid from Hair Loss

Some time ago, I found a few strands of hair falling out in the men’s bathroom sink of a restaurant. When I saw the hair loss, it reminded me of a friend of mine who had a problem with her hair falling out all the time .

Every morning he wakes up, his pillow must be scattered with a lot of hair. In addition, he also has to be careful when washing his hair because a lot of his hair falls. Hair loss and baldness are indeed often one of the interrelated hair problems and are often worried by us men besides dandruff .There are several ways to deal with hair loss in men that can be done. Before that, let’s first know some of the myths and causes of hair loss.

Myths About Hair Loss and BaldnessComplete Guide About Hair Loss myths, Causes and how to get rid from Hair Loss

At least, one or two of the myths below you must have heard.

By knowing the facts behind a myth, we can focus more on what should or shouldn’t be done to prevent hair loss (not just the ‘said’).

1. Wearing a Hat Can Cause Baldness

Duh, this is one of the myths that I have often heard from the past, including my own parents.

The cause that I often hear is that the hair will be ‘pulled’ by the hat so that it easily falls out.

The truth is that wearing a hat for too long without any external air circulation can cause the head area to become damp .

This moisture has the potential to bring infection from fungi and bacteria if it is rarely cleaned.

For those of you who really like wearing hats, I suggest to be more diligent in washing your hair,

2. Hair Loss Only Occurs in Old People

This myth is a bit misleading, because it makes people who are still young can be arrogant about the health of signs.

As I mentioned earlier, cases of hair loss and baldness are also experienced by many young people. Most of you who are reading this article may still fall into the category of young people under 40 years old.

You can find various causes of hair loss and baldness in the next section.

3. Stress Causes Hair Loss

This is something we also often hear, but it’s not entirely true. Indeed, drastic hair loss is often associated with high stress levels.

However, ‘low level’ stress, such as being stuck in traffic or getting angry with the boss every now and then, is not considered a cause of hair loss.

Stress that has the potential to cause hair loss is what interferes with your daily life, or can make you depressed .

4. Hair Loss Can’t Be Cured

This one is a myth that is also misguided. don’t feel inferior if your hair falls out and goes bald early.

Identify the cause and try to start doing natural remedies.

The last way to treat hair loss and baldness is to do a hair transplant which we will discuss in the section towards the end of the article.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

There is an effect, of course there is a cause.

By knowing the various causes of hair loss, you can better imagine the efforts to prevent further hair loss.

Some of the main causes of a person’s hair falling out include:

  1. Certain severe diseases such as diabetes, cancer, severe anemia, autoimmune, and skin diseases can cause hair to fall out easily. One reason is the reduced oxygen supply to the head which can affect hair growth.
  2. Fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp. This can happen if you rarely shampoo or wash your hair properly so that prickly heat builds up there.
  3. High levels of stress that can hinder daily activities. If for this one cause, your hair will return to normal after successfully dealing with the cause of high stress.
  4. The wrong diet can also be a cause of hair loss. What you have to do while on a diet is not just to reduce the amount you eat (and what you don’t eat is a source of vitamins for your hair), but to regulate your food intake every day.
  5. Exposure to unhealthy chemicals . Usually this happens if you often change hair dyes or use hair drugs that have no clear content.
  6. Age also still has an influence bro. When the age has entered the head of 3, hair growth in general does start to slow down.

How to Overcome Hair Loss Naturally

Mild hair loss should be treated using natural ingredients.

Natural or organic ingredients are less likely to cause reactions or allergies to the hair and head, so they are safer to use than chemical drugs.

The various natural ingredients below can help your hair grow more lush and strong.

1. Eggs

Eggs are not here to be used as hair masks, bro.

The protein contained in eggs is one of the important elements that can maintain hair strength.

During the treatment process to treat hair loss, i recommends that you add eggs more regularly to your daily diet. So, the treatment you do will run more optimally

2. Green Tea

In addition to functioning well for the health of the body, green tea or now better known as matcha turns out to have a good content to nourish hair.

In addition to helping prevent hair loss, green tea can prevent split ends and make your hair shine.

First, prepare about three green tea bags and boil them until they are cooked.

Use this green tea boiled water to rinse your hair twice a week

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is like a legendary item for hair.

The gel present in aloe vera can help balance the pH between hair and scalp to combat hair loss and promote hair growth .

Take a stalk or leaf of aloe vera and squeeze until the gel comes out, then apply it to the head.

Gently massage all over the scalp area for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

Do this twice every week.

4. Potato

Not only delicious to eat like french fries or Cheap potatoes also have additional functions to help overcome hair loss.

The potassium content in potato skins has a function to prevent hair loss.

So, take and peel some potatoes. Collect the peels for mashing and squeezing them into ‘potato peel juice’.

Mix with a spoon of honey , stir until smooth, then apply evenly as a hair mask while massaging the head.

Do this for 15 to 20 minutes twice per week.

5. Onion

Onions and garlic can actually help overcome hair loss bro.

The trick is to prepare some red onions (or white , just one) and then blend it until it becomes onion juice.

Calm down bro, this onion juice is not for drinking.

Apply the onion juice evenly to the entire surface of the hair and leave it overnight .

Rinse your hair the next morning when you wake up. Do this every day for a week.

How to Prevent Further Hair Loss

While undergoing treatment to treat hair loss, it would be nice if we did (or didn’t do) some things that could potentially cause hair loss.

Complete Guide About Hair Loss myths, Causes and how to get rid from Hair Loss

For those who do not experience hair loss, some of the suggestions below can still be followed to reduce the possibility of your hair falling out in the future.

  1. Drink lots of water . A well-hydrated body will make the growth of skin and hair cells also maintained properly. Drink more in hot weather or after exercise.
  2. Limit the consumption of drinks that contain caffeine , because caffeine can make the body dehydrated. Balance it by drinking more water.
  3. Prevent stress from building up , especially if the stress you are experiencing can rise to the level of depression. Even if a small stress does not affect hair health, it is better if you can anticipate heavy stress.
  4. Avoid the scorching sun . Hair will easily become weak and break if it is often exposed to scorching heat.
    Don’t use hair dye if your hair starts to fall out. The chemical content in hair dye has the potential to damage hair growth.
  5. Expand the consumption of nutritious foods , especially those containing vitamins A, B7, E, and iron. Common examples are eggs, spinach, fish, carrots, and red or yellow fruit.

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