10 Simple and New Ways To Prevent Men’s Acne That Every Man Must Use

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10 Simple and New Ways To Prevent Men’s Acne That Every Man Must Use

Not only teenagers and girls, adult men also often have complaints about acne. Compared to Eve, Adams tend to have the potential to have acne because they are more active in physical activities.

What causes acne? Is there a way to prevent acne from appearing on our faces? Well, in this article, i will try to describe everything below.

Causes of Acne on Facial Skin

Before getting into prevention, it’s a good idea to first know some common things that can cause acne:10 Simple and New Ways To Prevent Men's Acne That Every Man Must Use

  1. Oily skin type
  2. Often eat oily, especially crispy fried food
  3. Eat lots of nuts, especially peanuts which contain oil
  4. Often holding face with dirty hands
  5. Lazy to clean the face of dirt and dust that has accumulated
  6. Drink alcohol often. Alcohol makes the body dry so acne is easy to appear
  7. Rarely shampooing / cleaning hair. Dirty hair touching the face causes pimples to appear easily
  8. High level of stress
  9. Hereditary factors from parents who are prone to acne
  10. Infection from bacteria. For this one, you need to go to a dermatologist.

How to Prevent Acne

Now, if you already have an idea about some of the things that can cause acne, then you can start planning to anticipate them. Here are some ways to prevent acne that we, the Adams, can do:

1. Use a Good and Clean Shaver

For those of you who are diligent in shaving your beard or mustache, make sure the tools you use are sterile and of good quality. Cleanliness may be obvious, but the quality of the tools also needs to be maintained.

The reason is that if you are often injured when shaving, the wound will become an entry point for acne-causing bacteria to establish colonies and dominate your facial skin.

2. Avoid Staying Up Too Often

Do you often watch football or play games past midnight? If possible, there’s nothing wrong with trying to adjust your sleep time bro. Often staying up late makes the body more easily tired and susceptible to disease, including acne.

At least , try to get enough sleep even if you sleep past midnight. Normal sleep time for adult men is in the range of 6-8 hours per day. A fit body will help to minimize the potential for acne to come.

3. Be careful when using styling products

Do you like using pomade or wax? So you need to be extra careful if you have long hair.

Some hair styling products such as oil-based pomade add extra oil to the hair. So if your hair that has been exposed to this pomade hits your face, then the extra oil can make your face even more oily.

4. Diligent in washing your face regularly

One of the main causes of acne is a dirty face. Plus, we men tend to be physically active so it’s easier to sweat and cause a dirty face.

Well, try to be diligent in washing your face twice a day . The first is during lunch break, and the second is in the afternoon/evening at home. This advice still applies to those of you who are active indoors or at work, bro, because dirt can come from anywhere.

Oh yes, make sure to wash your hands often too because if your dirty hands touch your face, the bacteria that causes acne will easily multiply again.

5. Schedule regular exercise

In a healthy body there is a strong soul. Regular exercise not only serves to nourish your body, but can also help to overcome acne. Don’t forget to take a shower and wash your face clean so that dirt and sweat don’t actually cause acne.

Sports don’t have to just play futsal or sparring badminton. Try registering yourself at the nearest fitness club at your place. For those who are busy, you can also make time for regular exercise at home by just jogging in place, sit ups , and push ups . Not bad for helping body shape too.

6. Avoid Squeezing Pimples

If, for example, there is already a pimple that has started to appear, avoid touching or squeezing the pimple until it breaks. Indeed, if we push until dirty blood and fat come out , acne can be deflated again. However, be prepared to bear the following fatal consequences:

Dirty blood and fat that splatter everywhere will contaminate other areas of the skin, allowing acne to spread
Squeezing the skin of acne scars can cause pockmarks (scars), which are even more difficult to remove.
If the pimple fails to burst, your pimple can get more swollen
There is a brain infection. Sounds lame? Turns out not bro. According to sources , if you like to squeeze pimples that are located near the bridge of your nose, then there is a chance you could get meningitis . Because, there is a vein connected to the brain there. Germs can enter through the pimple there and spread to the brain. Nice, right?

7. Reduce Stress

Psychology also has a big impact on bro’s health , including facial skin. i has seen many friends who are spotty due to stress from work at the office or other life problems. Once you’re not stressed, the acne will go away on its own.

If you feel stressed, then try to identify the cause of your stress first. Consult with a trusted person to find a solution together. Try doing a favorite hobby or going on vacation to reduce stress levels. We will have another topic about dealing with stress in another time .

8. Drink lots of water

Dehydration causes the body and skin to become dry, so acne will be prone to come to your skin. Get used to drinking lots of water so that your body stays fresh and your skin is more moist.

For those of you who like to drink alcohol, balance it by drinking more water. The normal size of drinking water for adult men is 2 liters of water or 8 glasses per day. Of course you need more if you like to drink alcohol or are very physically active.

9. Use a Special Face Towel

One of the mistakes that we often make is using the same towel for the body and face after bathing.

Facial skin tends to be more sensitive than the skin of other body parts, so care and cleanliness must also be different, bro.

10. Avoid Foods and Drinks That Cause Allergies

Not only external factors, internal factors also affect the incidence of acne. Well, you need to be aware of what foods cause allergies to your body, because everyone is different.

Not only that cause allergies, you can also reduce the consumption of foods that contain high oil such as fried foods and nuts.

10 Simple and New Ways To Prevent Men’s Acne That Every Man Must Use

Some of My friends are sensitive to peanuts, where just eating a little can cause breakouts. For those of you who like peanuts and fried foods, you can try to calculate the safe limits for eating these foods. If it’s been safe and you’ve been diligent in cleaning your face, it means that your resistance to oil from food is quite high. So , you can slightly ignore this one suggestion.

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