8 Most Effective Self Healing Ways That You Should Must Know and Try it Once

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8 Most Effective Self Healing Ways That You Should Must Know and Try it Once

Apparently, to be able to forgive and accept bad events in the past, you need to do a number of self-healing methods . Which, this self-healing method is not as easy as imagined.

To be able to successfully do the self-healing method , it takes a strong intention and determination. The reason is, to be able to escape from fear, worry, and other “comfort zones” is very difficult.

In some cases, couples who are in an unhealthy relationship, generally will harm each other.

Because basically, a toxic relationship is a relationship that is characterized by bad and unhealthy behavior, both emotionally and in the form of physically damaging your partner or yourself.

Usually, in an unhealthy relationship, the victim is a woman. However, it is possible for men to become victims, if the woman is more dominant.

But whatever it is, having an unhealthy relationship is very detrimental to both parties. Of course not only physically, but also creates its own psychological trauma.

Therefore, people who are in a toxic relationship must immediately get out of the relationship, and do a number of self-healing methods to be able to truly get out of their past trauma.

So, what are the self-healing methods and how to do it? In this article, everything will be reviewed in full especially for you. Listen together, come on!

What is Self Healing ?

Before discussing further about self-healing methods , it’s a good idea to first know the basic information about self-healing itself.

So, self-healing is a recovery process, which is usually done due to trauma, psychological disorders and so on, due to mental wounds that occurred in the past, whether caused by oneself or others.

Simply put, self-healing is a process that is carried out to heal oneself from inner wounds that occurred in the past.

The self-healing method is usually taken by someone who still has inner wounds in the past, and disturbs his emotions.

8 Most Effective Self Healing Ways That You Should Must Know and Try it Once

Because, the purpose of self-healing itself is to understand oneself, accept shortcomings, and form positive thoughts from what has happened in the past.

If the self-healing method is successful, a person in the future will grow into a stronger and stronger person and face failures, difficulties, and past traumas.

In addition, the self-healing method also indirectly shapes a person’s view that problems that occur in life are natural.

Moreover, the problem that occurs is actually a new lesson for the process of maturation of an individual, which cannot be learned and taught by anyone but oneself.

8 Self Healing Methods

After you know the basic information about self-healing in the previous discussion, this time you will know a number of self-healing methods , which have been promised before.

You may have heard from people around, be it relatives, relatives, family or colleagues about the best self-healing method , which according to him is effective.

You may believe what they say, and be interested in trying it. However, do you know that an effective method is carried out by an individual, not necessarily effective if it is carried out by another individual, even though the method is the same.

Because, how to interpret something that is done by each person is different. For that, so that you can interpret the correct self-healing method , you must first know what the methods are.

After that, knowing the definition of each method well, in order to understand and apply it well.

Therefore, below, Health24life will review in full the eight best self-healing methods that you should try, in order to escape past trauma, including:

1. Make time for yourself

The first self-healing method you need to do is to take time for yourself or me time .

You could say this method is very important, because it is useful for providing space for you to get to know yourself, enjoy a sense of comfort with yourself, and give yourself a moment to breathe and be happy.

You can do some things you like, as a me time activity . For example , playing games , playing basketball, futsal, watching movies, shopping , doing culinary tours and so on.

2. Communicating with yourself

8 Most Effective Self Healing Ways That You Should Must Know and Try it Once

The next method you need to do is to communicate with yourself. It may seem strange, but this is very influential on your own peace of mind.

The reason is, communicating with yourself can make you more honest with the feelings you have right now, be it sad, disappointed, angry and so on.

Honestly, you can at least know what you feel and need. In addition, you can understand yourself better and be more grateful for what you have right now in life.

3. Improve self-understanding

Increasing self-understanding, or self-compassion, is part of a self-healing method that should not be missed.

Because self-compassion can allow you to interpret unpleasant experiences with different emotions.

In other words, self-compassion can help you see and interpret your discomfort with the past, with a positive perspective and way.

If you succeed in increasing self-compassion , then you will care more about yourself, and can respond to bad events more calmly and gracefully.

4. Think mindfully

The fourth method you need to do is to think with full awareness, or mindfulness .

This is an equally important thing to do, because by managing your feelings, thoughts and environment, you will be able to see and interpret everything that happens in a healthier way.

There are many ways to always think with full awareness, one of which is effective, namely closing your eyes in a quiet and peaceful place.

5. Make peace with the situation

Believe me, the more you remember and regret bad events in the past, the harder it will be for you to forgive yourself and get rid of past trauma.

Being angry with a bad incident is a legal thing to do, but that doesn’t mean you can do it all the time.

If you want to be free and get out of the trauma of the past, try to make peace with the situation.

It’s not an easy thing, but if you try it with determination, then the trauma you have about the past will slowly decrease.

In fact, when you reach a point where you can accept every bad thing that happens, you will see it as the best teacher in life, which you can’t get from anywhere.

6. Turn past mistakes into strengths

In addition to making peace with the situation, you also need to make the mistakes of the past as your strengths today.

Indeed, this is a difficult thing to do. However, try to look at it from another point of view. Place a failure as a valuable new learning, for yourself today.

Always keep that in your mind. That way, the wounds in the heart will slowly heal. Then, what you need to do next, is to focus on what you are doing right now, so you don’t repeat mistakes in the past.

7. Interpret the past with a positive response

As is known, if the events of the past cannot be corrected in the present or in the future.

For those of you who have had bad events and past traumas, this may be a burden that will never end.

However, you can try to accept the bad incident with a positive response, so that it doesn’t always become a burden for you.

Just remember, if bad events in the past are normal, everyone must have it.

Just make the past as a mature teacher in the present and the future.

If it continues to be embedded in your heart and mind, the healing process of your heart’s wounds will be faster than it should be.

8. Create expressive writing

The last self-healing method is to make expressive writing. In this case, the point is that you can freely express what you feel and experience right now through writing.

Forget the various rules of good and correct writing, such as the use of punctuation, spelling, and so on.

Because as the name implies, which is expressive writing, you are welcome to write whatever you want to write as freely as possible.

Pour all your frantic feelings and thoughts into writing, so that your mood gradually improves than before.

After you finish writing down everything you feel and think, then you calm down, then you can read it again and look at the problem from another, more positive perspective.

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