Every Employee must know about these easy ways to beat work stress

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Every Employee must know about these easy ways to beat work stress

If you read some of My Post on this blog, then you will realize that I have mentioned several times about keeping yourself from stress. Everyone must have experienced stress, especially for those of you who have entered the world of work.

Well, therefore, this article will discuss about stress in the world of work. In relation to maintaining physical appearance, stress is something we need to overcome. In some people, excessive stress can make facial acne , wrinkled skin, and hair loss.

Let’s identify the causes and ways to deal with work stress in this article.

Difference Between Stress and Depression

Every Employee must know about these easy ways to beat work stress

Stress is a condition of being overwhelmed by the pressure you get when you are on the move, in this case related to your job or the environment in which you work.

Stress that accumulates and occurs continuously can lead to depression.

Every Employee must know about these easy ways to beat work stress

Depression is a mental illness that greatly affects daily life, namely persistently bad moods, irregular eating and sleeping patterns, decreased levels of concentration, and so on.

Depression is a very serious problem . Depression can have an impact on the emergence of serious diseases such as liver and heart disease. In certain cases, the sufferer has a strong urge to commit suicide.

If you think you’re under depression, please consult a close friend or psychiatrist . Don’t let your situation get worse by letting depression threaten your life.

Causes of Stress at Work

There are many things that can trigger stress in the workplace. Based on the experience of me and my friends, here are some things that could be the main cause:

1. Lack of Work-Life Balance

For some people, life is not just in the office and workplace. The need to meet family, play with friends, date, or do hobbies are also important to him. If this is not fulfilled, stress will easily accumulate every day without having time to get rid of it .

2. You Do Things You Don’t Like

There are several meanings for ‘things you don’t like’. Maybe you are a very introverted person but work in the Sales division where you have to sell and meet face-to-face with many people, or you are ‘forced’ to do unethical things by your superiors to facilitate your work.

Many of my friends have experienced the things above. I myself have experienced it, and because it is routinely done, the stress builds up.

3 Toxic Work Environments

Well, this one is very dangerous for mental health . The work may be tough, but a very uncomfortable work environment can accumulate stress many times over.

What is a toxic work environment ?

Colleagues who like to spread gossip and slander, subordinates who often hide important information from you but he immediately tells your boss (read: stepping over you), colleagues who cannot be invited to discuss to solve work problems, and so on.

4. There is no support from superiors

It is also a very frequent cause of stress. When your boss doesn’t want to know or doesn’t care about your difficulties as a subordinate, then you are forced to keep all your problems to yourself.

What makes it even more difficult is if there are office political motives, and you are ‘dragged’ into it because of your boss. This has been experienced by me, but it’s not very good, bro, because your boss is hands off and all the burden is borne by you.

How to Overcome Work Stress that Often Arises

Work stress that arises from time to time is actually okay and is still within reasonable limits. When exposed to stress, the body will produce hormones that spur our entire body to act faster and come up with solutions.

The following are some ways to eliminate the workload and deal with stress that you can try to apply.

1. Take time off

Every employee has a leave of absence, even if you are in the position of CEO or Owner of the business you own.

Take a break from your work, turn off work email notifications and avoid bringing your work laptop home (or don’t turn it on). Take time off on weekdays or tight days and go on vacation to a place that relaxes you, or rest at home.

Do things that make you happy, either alone or with the people you love. Stress will be reduced and you will come back refreshed.

2. Avoid Office Gossip

This is one of the causes of stress. i always tries to avoid gossip in the office.

The result? Very calm bro! You don’t need to add to the burden of your mind that is already heavy, you don’t need to add to it the gossip of the boss who has an affair with the HRD manager’s mother, or the gossip of an IT employee who immediately resigned after 2 days of work.

If you get carried away by gossip, you will definitely want to be curious and continue to dig deep. Your work is even more uncomfortable and your brain is getting dizzy

3. Talk to People Outside the Office

If you have a partner, friend, or family member who is not in the same office as you, share your story with them.

Sometimes just letting out negative thoughts really helps you, bro, to lighten the burden on your heart and mind. Who knows they can also help to solve the problem you are having.

4. Install your favorite music

This is my mainstay moves at the office when you are dizzy with work or ‘demons in the office’.

Plug in your headset and play your favorite EDM song, or put on a quiet song if you’re not in a good mood. Then because i works with a laptop, I like to change places to work in the pantry or other places to change the atmosphere. It’s not bad to be a temporary mood booster.

5. Shout out loud

Shouting actually has a function similar to venting, which is to remove the burden of the heart.

You can scream in a boarding room, house, or apartment (note: Make sure the walls are soundproof) or go to the mountains or the beach and scream as loud as you can. Invite all your friends or partners to remove their worries together.

This is really helpful bro. As long as you don’t do it at the office, if you’re really upset with someone, there will be an ‘office drama

6. Do Sports

Exercise is also good for reducing stress and making the body healthy.

You can do simple exercises such as jogging or lifting weights to turn stress into energy. Alternatively, popular exercises to reduce stress in the gym are Body Combat..

If you know other effective sports, write them in the comments column after this article.

7. Take Psycho test Online

Maybe you just don’t fit in your career? Try doing some kind of psychological test on the internet for fun. Just search on Google and there are many free psychological tests that you can try.

Based on My’s experience, the two types of tests that best describe personality and career direction are the DISC and the Sixteen Personality Test .

The two tests helped me to make a decision to change career paths, which turned out to be more suitable. Knowing the stability of the career path can reduce stress too you know.

8. Create a To-Do List

Stress can also occur because you are confused about the priority of the work you have to do.

If you’re the type to immediately do what’s in front of your eyes, then you can step back a little and make a mini to-do list for today. Tick ​​for priority work. The rest of the work that went wrong today can be continued tomorrow if it’s not really important.

If you feel that almost all work is a priority, then you can follow Me: choose the job that can be completed the fastest as your top priority.

9. Laugh a lot

Yep, laughing is really useful for reducing stress and burning calories, you know 🙂

What can make you laugh? Besides playing together with friends, family, or partner, you can also laugh by watching funny comics on Instagram, videos of cats chasing dogs on Facebook, or much more.

Take a little time each day to entertain yourself bro.

How to Temporarily Overcome Major Depression

As mentioned earlier, prolonged stress can lead to depression. Depression itself is a very serious and dangerous thing if not treated immediately.

Although our focus this time is dealing with stress at work, I thinks it wouldn’t hurt to mention a little bit about overcoming depression.

The main treatment you need to do is talk about the condition you are experiencing to a psychologist or psychiatrist. It could be that you need to attend several consultation sessions and take anti-depressant drugs. That’s still reasonable bro.

Here are some other ways to relieve your depression:

1. Change Lifestyle

Increase exercise, listen to classical music or music that is intended to make the mind calm, and so on.

In essence, try to do some positive things that you usually don’t or you rarely do. Changes in lifestyle for the better will raise enthusiasm and passion for life. It is certainly useful to relieve depression.

2. Read a lot of Inspirational Stories

There are many books and internet sites or social media that like to share positive inspirational quotes and stories.

i sometimes takes a moment to read these inspiring stories. Pretty helpful bro to increase self-confidence. Positive thoughts will make you able to live a better life🙂

3. Get Closer to a Positive Environment

Do you still remember that a toxic environment and the absence of support from superiors or people around can cause and accumulate stress, which ends in depression?

Let’s do the opposite. Get closer to friends who have positive attitudes and thoughts, and can provide solutions or share positive inspirations. You can find it in prayer groups, religious communities, or your friends.

So, there are various ways you can try to deal with work stress. Hopefully it will be useful to apply in daily activities. If you have a friend or acquaintance who is stressed, try sharing this article for him to read.

Don’t let stress ruin your job or appearance 🙂

If you have other suggestions regarding tips for dealing with stress at work, please share them in the comments column below. MY blog is devoted to discussing the world of casual and practical men’s lifestyles.

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