How To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Hair Loss Naturally in 2021

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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Hair Loss Naturally in 2021

How to get rid of from dandruff and hair loss must be adjusted to the cause and severity. There are several ways that can be done, including eating nutritious foods, taking care of your hair and scalp properly, managing stress, and getting medical help.

For some people, scratching the itchy scalp often causes dandruff to fall immediately and dirty clothes. If you have this, how to get rid of from dandruff and hair loss is certainly very necessary to eradicate both hair problems at the same time.

In some cases, dandruff is sometimes accompanied by hair loss conditions.

Dandruff is not a direct cause of hair loss . However, these two hair problems are related to each other.
To overcome this, there are various ways to deal with hair loss and dandruff, ranging from natural ones to using medical assistance.

Causes of Hair loss

1.Excessive Hair Styling

Every year there must be a trend of style or hair color that appears and can make your appearance look cool. To get that look, you need chemical-based products that must be in contact with your hair.

Sometimes these products make the scalp so hot. In addition, changing hairstyles such as tying hair in ponytails, buns, or tight braids over time can reduce the strength of the hair. As a result, the hair roots become weak. Not to mention the ironing habit that makes hair brittle, dry, and fall out.

2.The Body Doesn’t Get Good Nutrients

What you eat also affects the health of your hair too. Eating foods that contain carbohydrates and bad fats like junk food is really good. However, if it is not balanced with nutritious food and vitamins, it can have a negative effect on the health of the body, including hair.

3.Experiencing Hormonal Changes

During puberty, the hormones in the bodies of teenagers become unstable. This has an impact on psychological as well as physical conditions. Not infrequently teenagers experience hair loss at puberty due to hormonal imbalances that are influenced by physical and psychological changes.

4.Unbalanced Diet

Don’t try to go on a random diet because one of the effects is the lack of nutrients in the skin and hair. One of the main needs of hair is protein intake, which is an important macronutrient that makes hair keratin strong and strong.

It makes sense, right, if a strict diet causes brittle hair roots? Where does hair get its nutrients from if you reduce its vital macro and micro needs from food? Even according to hair expert from Sally-Ann Traver, you should increase your protein intake every day and feel the difference in your hair.

5.Not Taking Good Care of the Scalp

It’s not just the body’s skin that is important to take care of. A healthy, well-groomed scalp also helps optimal hair growth. One of the problems that often arise due to an unclean scalp is caused by a buildup of dead skin cells.

This buildup makes it difficult for the hair cuticles to breathe because they become clogged. It is so important to maintain a healthy scalp that Sam Burnett, a hair expert from Hare & Bone, recommends always cleaning the scalp thoroughly so that hair grows perfectly.

Cleaning the scalp can use a shampoo that is safe to use every day, such as Dove Hair Loss Treatment with Nutri Serum Shampoo . Shampoo with nutri lock serum which combines Dynazinc and Grapeseed Oil . Cleanses and strengthens hair from the roots, and prevents 99% of hair loss due to breakage.

6.Deficiency of Vitamins and Iron

Vitamin B12 deficiency is certainly related to a lack of food intake from animal protein. Hair loss problems are common if you rarely eat meat, become a vegetarian or vegan. Likewise, a lack of Vitamin D affects hair health. Try to keep getting sunlight in the morning to meet the needs of Vitamin D even though you are currently working from home .

In addition to vitamins, hair problems are also caused by iron deficiency due to low levels of Ferritin , a protein that stores iron in the body. Get enough iron by consuming several types of foods such as beans, spinach, or red meat.

How to get rid of from dandruff and hair loss

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Hair Loss Naturally in 2021Home remedies for hair loss and dandruff can be done if the problem you are experiencing is not too severe. How to get rid of from dandruff and hair loss depends on the cause that triggers the emergence of these two problems.

However, if it is already severe, you should consult your condition with your doctor to get the right treatment steps.

There are several ways to get rid of dandruff and hair loss, including:

1. Eat nutritious food

There are a number of nutrients that are important for maintaining healthy hair and scalp, namely:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • Selenium
  • Vitamins A, D and E
  • Biotin
  • Amino acid
  • Protein

Instead of dealing with the problem of dandruff and hair loss, taking supplements in excess will actually exacerbate hair loss.

2. Using anti-dandruff shampoo

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Hair Loss Naturally in 2021

This shampoo is able to overcome the problem of dandruff and itching on the head with the New Three Action Formula, which cleans dandruff, protects and moisturizes the scalp from the first time you wash it. The menthol content in it also provides a cool and fresh scalp sensation after use. HEAD & SHOULDERS Menthol Cold Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

Its use is also very easy, you just need to pour and then rub the hair and scalp evenly. After that, wait for about 2 to 3 minutes for the active substances contained in it to work optimally. Rinse your hair with warm or cold water, and feel the difference.

3. Apply essential oil

Rosemary and peppermint oil are believed to help slow hair loss.

When you want to use essential oils, don’t forget to mix them first with solvent oil, such as VCO ( virgin coconut oil ), olive oil, or jojoba oil.

4. Try scalp massage therapy

This therapy can help increase the thickness of the hair so that it does not fall out easily.a study published in the NCBI, scalp massage therapy can help treat hair loss by increasing blood flow and stimulating the growth of hair cells.

5. Get enough sun exposure

Preferably, avoid sun exposure between the hours of 10:00 to cancer and increase the risk of premature aging.

6. Using conditioner

Rinse hair thoroughly so that no residue remains and becomes dandruff. conditioner after shampooing to maintain skin moisture.

7. Avoid products that trigger irritation

This can trigger dandruff and potentially cause hair loss. contact dermatitis and irritate sensitive skin.
Ingredients that can trigger these conditions include preservatives, fragrances, bleach, detergents, and formaldehyde.

Even so, the content does not give side effects to some other people.

8. Manage stress

Stress doesn’t directly cause dandruff and hair loss, but it can weaken your immune system.
When the immune system decreases, the risk of fungal infections on the scalp will be higher.
To manage stress, you can practice relaxation techniques, such as yoga and meditation.
In addition, walking in the open can also help deal with the stress you are feeling.

9. Doing hair care properly

Here are a number of ways to care for your hair that you can apply to prevent hair loss:

  • Don’t tie your hair too tight.
  • Avoid using hair styling products.
  • Do not scratch the itchy scalp vigorously.
  • Wash your hair using a mild shampoo, then let it dry on its own.
  • Do not expose your scalp and hair to excessive heat.

What causes hair loss and dandruff?

Dandruff refers to the condition of itching and dry flakes of skin on the head.

When the scalp feels itchy due to dandruff, most people will generally scratch their hair to relieve itching.

However, the two are related to each other.

If done too hard, the habit can injure the scalp.

Repetitive inflammation of the hair follicles can cause damage, leading to scarring, and slowing or stopping hair growth.

If this happens, your hair will become thinner and fall out more easily.

Efforts that can be done to prevent dandruff and hair loss

  • Some of the actions that you can implement as a preventative measure include:
  • Avoid using hair styling products.
  • Avoid tying and tying hair tightly.
  • Avoid vigorously massaging and scratching the scalp.
  • Wash hair with shampoo regularly (once a day).
  • Follow the instructions on the shampoo package correctly and thoroughly.

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