These 14 Amazing benefits of eating Strawberries that will shock you

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These 14 Amazing benefits of eating Strawberries that will shock you

Are you a strawberry lover? This fiery red little one does have a refreshing sour taste. If consumed during the day, it is guaranteed that Mama will forget the scorching sun.

In addition, strawberries have a beautiful appearance. It is often relied on as a food decoration, such as for cakes and desserts.

However, the advantages of this fruit are not only in taste and appearance, you know, Ma. In its small form, strawberries contain various nutrients and vitamins. Such as fiber, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, to antioxidants.

In fact, strawberries include fruits with high antioxidant content!

Well, this nutrient and vitamin content makes strawberries not only delicious, but also beneficial for beauty. You can get these benefits either by consuming strawberries directly or using them as skincare .

1. Prevents hair loss and treats dandruff

These 14 Amazing benefits of eating Strawberries that will shock you
Dandruff and hair loss are hair problems that often occur in women. Dandruff occurs due to excess oil production or fungal infection. While hair loss usually occurs in women who have long hair.

Well, strawberries can solve both problems. The content of folic acid in this fruit will strengthen the roots and hair shaft. While the content of vitamin C can overcome dandruff and make hair healthier.

Apart from consuming strawberries directly, you can get these benefits by using strawberries as a hair mask.

2. Prevent stubborn acne

Who likes acne? Besides being painful, the presence of acne greatly reduces the appearance. Not to mention the acne scars that are often difficult to remove.

So, instead of treating acne, it’s better to prevent it, right? For that, Mama can use strawberries as a mask. The acidic nature of this fruit can control the production of oil that causes acne.

3. Brighten dull face

Dull face is a facial problem that is feared by all women. Fortunately, strawberries can solve this problem. It contains ellagic acid which is able to brighten dull faces and remove black bits on the skin.

To get these benefits, you can use strawberries as a mask or put grated strawberries on your face for 15 minutes. Do this treatment twice a week for maximum results, Mom!

4. Fade wrinkles and dark spots on the face

Aging is a natural process that cannot be prevented, everyone must experience it. However, still looking young even though the age continues to grow is the dream of every woman.

Generally, fine wrinkles and dark spots will appear on the face as a sign of aging. Well, Mama can minimize these two signs by using strawberries.

This fruit contains high vitamin C so that it can increase collagen production. Collagen itself is needed to restore elasticity and prevent skin pigmentation.

5. Brighten the skin of black lips

Lip color can turn black when you have an unhealthy lifestyle, often consume caffeine, use the wrong cosmetics, or because of hyperpigmentation.

This condition will certainly reduce the appearance and lower self-confidence.

Luckily, you can rely on strawberries to lighten darkened lips again. Just cut a strawberry and rub it on your lips gently. Strawberries will also shed dead skin cells and provide natural moisture.

6. Protects skin from UV rays

Do you know Mama? UV rays are one of the causes of skin aging faster than it should. The reason is, these rays can penetrate the dermis layer of the skin and damage skin cells. Skin elasticity is reduced and wrinkles appear more quickly.

In addition, this light also darkens the skin to trigger skin cancer.

Well, Mama can protect the skin from these rays with strawberries. Eating this fruit will provide you with antioxidants to ward off free radicals from UV rays.

7. Help lose weight

In addition to the face and skin, beauty is often associated with a proportional weight. Not surprisingly, many women are willing to go on a diet to keep their weight balanced.

Well, eating strawberries can help you lose weight! It contains fiber which makes you feel full. If consumed before eating, this fruit will control your appetite so you don’t overdo it.

8.Maintain Cholesterol Levels in the Body

Strawberry is rich in vitamin C which is good for health. Well, what you need to know is that vitamin C can help you lower cholesterol in the body. In addition to its sour taste, it is also able to kill various diseases and bacteria in the stomach, it can also be an excellent body detox.

9.Low Calorie Healthy Drink

Want to diet but still want to eat delicious? Then the answer is strawberry . Its low calorie content will not make you feel guilty for consuming it too often.

10.Rich in Antioxidants

One of the important nutrients of strawberries is their antioxidant content. One of the primary antioxidants present in strawberries is ellagic acid which is known to protect the body against cell-damaging free radicals. Even the high antioxidants in strawberries are able to get rid of toxins in the cells so that the body is fresher.

11.Prevent cancer

Strawberries contain several nutritional content such as vitamin C, ellagic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, and others. The antioxidant content also remains high even though it has undergone a processing process.

All of them can function to disable or kill cancer cells in your body, such as skin cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, and prostate cancer. This tiny red fruit is also believed to prevent leukemia, which is one of the most deadly cancers.

12.Maintain Eye Health

When you regularly consume strawberry , the vitamin C content will help maintain eye health. Regularly consuming adequate amounts of vitamin C every day can help strengthen the cornea and retina of the eye thereby preventing vision problems.

13.Maintain Brain Health

Free radicals can be spread through the environment as well as food. This can threaten the health of the body, because free radicals not only cause premature aging, but can also threaten the condition of brain function.

To prevent this and maintain brain health, you can eat strawberries. This is because the phytonutrients and vitamin C present in the fruit are very useful for maintaining the condition of your brain function.

14.Can Whiten Teeth

The malic acid present in strawberries can act as a substance that can remove and erode the stains on the surface of the teeth. Not only that, your mouth will also be healthier because eating strawberries can eliminate bad breath and make your breath fresher.

These 14 Amazing benefits of eating Strawberries that will shock you

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