10 Important Tips For Maintaining a Good Health While Working From Home

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10 Important Tips For Maintaining a Good Health While Working From Home

In some companies that have made the first decision to work from home since March, some have started to enter again. However, it seems that there are still many companies that extend their working period from home (including my office).

There is also an office that has just implemented working from home since the area received PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) status from the Ministry of Health. Is your area one of them?

Those of you who are tired of working in an office every day will be happy when you hear that you have to work from home, but actually working from home has its obstacles. One of them is related to health. How could that be?

Now in this article, I will discuss more deeply about the reasons and how to maintain a healthy body when you have to work from home . This also applies to those of you who are full-time remote work.

Health Constraints Experienced When Working from Home10 Important Tips For Maintaining a Good Health While Working From Home

The various advantages that you get when you work from home are that you can save on transportation costs, don’t waste travel time, and the best thing is that you can set your own work schedule while your work is on target.

However, there are also disadvantages to be had when you work from home.

10 Important Tips For Maintaining a Good Health While Working From Home

If you are an extrovert type , you will definitely get bored faster when you have to work at home and be more prone to stress because you can’t hang out with coworkers as usual.

When you work at home, you will also be faced with various obstacles that you have just faced, so you have to adapt again. Starting from signal difficulties, sleepiness faster, body tired faster, and eyes tired more easily.

These obstacles can actually be overcome, but because you are not used to it, chances are you will be more prone to stress because it interferes with your work performance.

This results in you taking longer to complete a job and at the end of the day, you can only complain as usual.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Body While Working from Home

Because you work at home, your movement will automatically decrease. You will be lazy to move and that is actually not good for your body.

As men, we also have to take care of our appearance even though we are working from home. If you rarely move, fat deposits will be seen more quickly . In the early days of working from home it may not feel like it, but there will be changes from week to week.

Therefore, you must take care of your body condition, diet, and the health of your limbs so you don’t get sick easily when you work at home.

Well, let me try to share some of my experiences in maintaining health at home:

1. Healthy Breakfast

Not only when you work at home, actually you should have a healthy breakfast every day. However, when you are at home, you need healthier intake because of your reduced activities.

If you are diligent in getting up early, you can try to prepare your own breakfast which is healthier and there is a longer breakfast time because you don’t have to spend time walking to the office.

A healthy breakfast menu and a more relaxed time make nutrients more easily absorbed so you can get better energy until noon and can also prepare your mind to be more focused when you are working.

2. Sunbathing in the Morning

After breakfast, you should also sunbathe. It doesn’t take long, just 10 to 15 minutes . It doesn’t help healthy bones because of the intake of vitamin D, sunbathing can also make your mood better because you get fresh air intake.

With a good mood, it will indirectly affect your performance which will also be better.

3. Always Provide Water

As usual, the body needs a lot of fluid intake and the best is from water. Don’t because you work from home and you keep it easy and don’t provide water at your desk.

If you are busy with work, you can forget to drink water. If you are at home where it is easier to reach food and drinks, you can be lazy to take water.

Provide water on the work table bro. Not just a glass, you can take water in a large bottle so it can be refilled more easily.

4. Set a Comfortable Work Position

Even though you’re at home, that doesn’t mean you can work anywhere and anytime. A good and comfortable work position will greatly affect your performance in working all day.

It’s okay to work on your stomach on the sofa, lying down in the living room, or lying on the bed. However, it is better if you work like your sitting position when working in the office, namely with chairs and tables.

Although initially comfortable and comfortable, working on your stomach or lying down for too long can add to the burden and increase your risk of experiencing neck, back, or shoulder pain, because your position makes the muscles around those organs stiff.

Well, that’s why it’s better to sit as usual, so you don’t get tired or lazy to continue work so that your performance decreases.

5. Improve Room Lighting or Screen

Regarding the sitting position, you don’t just sit at the table and work. The position of the screen must be at least 30 degrees below the straight line of the eye , so that you can prevent problems that could potentially occur in your eyes.

In addition to lowering eye pressure, this trick also prevents your neck and shoulders from bending over for a long time, thus preventing neck and back injuries.

You also have to use a light filter on the monitor screen or at least adjust your monitor’s lighting so that your eyes don’t get tired too quickly.

Adjust the monitor light to the room light,

6. Limit Working Hours

In times like today, the line between working hours and resting hours tends to be ambiguous, bro.

If you are the type who often forgets working hours, try using an alarm as a reminder . Create a layered reminder for additional reminders bro.

For those of you whose working hours feel that they are often overworked due to too much work, try talking to your boss. If you let it, then you have the potential to be exposed to high stress.

In addition, try to keep your sleeping hours as usual. Make sure the number of hours of sleep you stay is sufficient at 6 to 8 hours per day so that your body’s health is maintained.

7. Do Regular Exercise

Rarely moving when working from home makes you tired faster when you return to work at the office. So, you have to exercise regularly so that your stamina is maintained.

You can jog in the morning while sunbathing or do a simple warm-up. If you are afraid of being tired, you can exercise in the afternoon.

If you are afraid to go outside because of Covid-19, you can exercise at home . Starting from push ups, yoga, sit ups, and so on. Try looking for some YouTube channels that provide exercise or body jam.

Another way, you can jog outside the house by paying attention to physical distancing rules , namely maintaining a distance of 1 to 3 meters from other people.

8. Occasionally Stretch

If you sit and work in front of the computer all the time, your body muscles will stiffen. Especially if you work from home, sometimes your sitting position changes without realizing it.

Your neck, back, waist, and shoulders will feel stiff faster if you don’t stretch. Occasionally do stretching so that the muscles are not stiff.

There are three stretches that must be done so that the body does not get tired quickly, namely stretching the spine, hamstrings (hips – thighs), and neck. Spinal stretches can be done when you wake up in the morning and can also stretch.

Neck stretches are done at least 2 to 3 times a day so as not to stiffen. Likewise with hamstring stretches

9. Provide Healthy Food for Snacks

If you’re at the office, do you like snacking or not, bro? Potato chips or maybe peanuts?

What you need to know is that such snacks are actually not healthy because of the high number of calories. You should replace your snacks with healthier ones.

Well, another advantage if you work from home. You can make your favorite snacks that you can eat while you work.

If you like fruit , you can try making it a snack. Fruits ranging from apples, pears, bananas, dragon fruit, tomatoes, or kiwis can accompany you through the day and are also much healthier than packaged snacks that can be found in minimarkets.

If you want a menu other than fruit, you can eat whole wheat bread with jam or boiled eggs. Practical right?

10. Give an Occasional Pause to Maintain Eye Health

When you work in front of a screen, your eyes are one of the organs of the body that work the hardest, especially when working from home so far. Sometimes you have to give your eyes time to rest.

You can reduce the brightness on your computer screen or take a short break every 20 to 30 minutes. If your eyes are dry, you can also use eye drops, although this method is not recommended.

If in your house there is a view overlooking the highway, or at least there is a wide visibility, then you can rest by looking at the view bro. So that the eyes are weaker .

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