Proven Natural Ways to Overcome Chapped and Dry Lips

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Proven Natural Ways to Overcome Chapped and Dry Lips

Most men only focus on caring for the body parts that are considered important, such as hair and are even willing to spend a lot of money to make it look cooler. Whereas there are other body parts that are also important to be cared for optimally.

This part of the body is the lips. Lips are an important asset for men and can make you look cooler in the eyes of women.

For that, it is very important to maintain healthy lips. Keep in mind, chapped and dry lips are not only experienced by women, men can also get it if they don’t understand this problem.

You need to know, it’s not really good if you have chapped and dry lips. I’ve experienced this problem myself and as a result my lips feel the same soreness so I don’t feel confident when I meet a lot of people.

Unfortunately, many men do not understand how to take care of their lips to keep them healthy. However, it’s very easy and doesn’t cost much.

Factors that Cause Chapped and Dry LipsProven Natural Ways to Overcome Chapped and Dry Lips

Before understanding more about how to properly care for your lips, you should first identify what factors can make your lips unhealthy.

This is important so that you can reduce habits that have a bad effect on lip health. And who knows, you often do this habit unconsciously.

Immediately, here I will explain 3 crucial factors that cause chapped and dry lips . Check it out!

1. Lack of Drinking or Dehydration

This factor is very important for you to pay attention to. Make sure your body has enough fluids and regularly drink water.

Why white water? No coffee or tea? This is because water is free of calories and sugar as well as contains natural minerals that can help maintain the health of your body’s organs.

There are so many benefits of plain water. Among them protect nerves and body tissues, lubricate joints to keep them flexible and facilitate digestion.

Proven Natural Ways to Overcome Chapped and Dry Lips

But there is one more benefit of water that is no less important, namely keeping the skin fresh so it doesn’t dry out and wrinkle.

The skin here covers all parts of the body, including the lips. Drinking lots of water is effective in making your lips not cracked and dry while keeping them fresh .

The dosage recommended by doctors is at least 8-12 glasses every day. This method is very easy to do but is often overlooked by most men.

Dizziness, low blood pressure, constipation and dry lips are examples of bad effects that can appear when you are dehydrated. For that, make sure you have enough water intake every day so that dry and chapped lips don’t appear.

2.Licking and Biting Lips

Close up shot of a young Caucasian man biting his lip.

This factor unconsciously you must often do. Even though the habit of licking and biting your lips can make your lips even drier.

Most people think that saliva can make lips wet and fresh again. However, this assumption is wrong and has the opposite effect.

Saliva evaporates quickly and only provides temporary moisture. Here, what happens is that saliva will erode the thin layer of the lips and even remove their natural moisture .

Because saliva evaporates quickly, licking your lips becomes a habit that you can do over and over again. What you need to know, after the saliva dries up, your lips can become even more dry and at worst it can peel off.

In addition, many people also have a habit of biting their lips. Usually, this habit is done when you are anxious and nervous or you can just bite your lips for fun just because you are bored

In fact, the hard structure of the teeth when in contact with the lips can result in the natural layer of the soft lips being damaged or even bleeding.

For that, you should avoid the habit of licking and biting your lips if you want to have healthy lips. Tips, try to always bring water wherever you go to wet your lips when they are dry.

3. Food Allergies

Food also has a direct effect on lip health. If you feel that you often experience dry lips, try to avoid salty and spicy foods.

The salt content in salty foods can be a trigger for irritation and inflammation , especially on sensitive lips. Spicy food can also make your lips even more dry if the food is in direct contact with your lips.

The solution, you should not take risks by eating spicy and salty foods every day. Eat more vegetables as an alternative because in addition to making your lips healthier, it can also maintain skin moisture

Maintain Lip Health

After you know what causes dry and chapped lips, you can take preventive measures to maintain healthy lips. It’s easy and the ingredients are easy to get.

But it’s important for you to remember, the ways that will be explained in the points below should be done regularly and not carelessly . Let’s not get curious, just read the explanation.

1. Increase Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

It is common knowledge that consuming fruits and vegetables is important for health. There are several types of fruits and vegetables that you can choose to make your lips healthier.

Tips, multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C . Examples include cherries, strawberries and tomatoes, as well as broccoli and pumpkin.

The content of vitamin C can help the process of rejuvenating lip skin cells and also make the color of the lips brighter. In addition, the water content in the fruit you consume also keeps your lips moisturised.

Especially for fruit, you can consume it directly or use it smeared. If you want to try smearing it, you can first puree the fruit and then spread it evenly on the lips.

Wait about 15-30 minutes and let it dry first. After that, just rinse your lips with clean water.

You are free to choose whichever method you think is the most practical. What is clear, always try to do this routine so that your lips are healthier and not dry.

2. Applying Honey

Honey has many benefits for lip health. Not only useful for making lips not dry and chapped, honey can also restore the brightness of the blackened lip skin pigment.

Dark lips can be caused by many factors. The most common examples are smoking and consuming excessive caffeine.

But for those of you who have dry and black lips, you don’t have to worry anymore. Honey has been proven to be effective in overcoming this problem.

The trick, first you can mix honey with water. If you want it to be more effective, use lemon water as a honey mixture.

After that, apply the mixture to your lips and rub gently. Wait about 15 minutes and then you can rinse it with clean water so it doesn’t stick.

Do this routine 2-3 times a week. After 2 months of regular use, your lips will be more attractive and also look brighter.

3. Brushing the outer and inner lips

Of the several ways to maintain healthy lips that have been mentioned, this third method is arguably the easiest to do. You don’t need to spend capital and bother looking for materials because this is something you do routinely every day.

The trick is to brush the outer and inner lips. You can apply this method to overcome the problem of chapped and peeling lips.

Chapped lips are a sign that there is a buildup of dead skin cells. Many men become insecure about talking to other people, especially girls if their lips are chapped.

To overcome this problem, don’t forget to brush your lips while brushing your teeth . Try to use a soft type of brush so that your lips don’t hurt and even make canker sores.

Brush the inside of the lips first, then brush the outside. Just take it slow bro and make sure all parts of the lips can be reached.

Tips for Overcoming Dry and Chapped Lips

For those of you who have dry and chapped lips, there are some powerful tips that you can use to overcome these problems.

The tips are actually not difficult to do, but most men still don’t understand what to do first and how to do it in the right order.

For that, let’s look at the tips for dealing with dry and chapped lips

1. Regularly Use Lip Balm

Most men think that lip balm should only be used by women. You need to know, this assumption is wrong because men can actually use lip balm to treat dry and chapped lips.

specifically for men. You don’t have to worry about your appearance becoming less manly because lip balms for men come in colorless or transparent options.

The main function of lip balm is to keep the lips moist . You can use lip balm whenever you need it, for example when you meet someone or when you want to meet someone important.

But other than when you want to meet people, you should routinely use lip balm in the morning and at night before going to bed. This method can make the problem of dry and chapped lips that you experience disappear faster.

Lip balm also makes your previously pale lip color look fresh. This way, you will be more confident to face other people face to face.

2. Using Aloe vera Gel

The second tip that you can use is to use drugs, either natural or special drugs. This method you can do if you really often experience problems with dry and chapped lips.

First, you can use aloe vera gel or aloe vera as a natural remedy . Aloe vera contains a lot of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are good for lip health.

You can apply aloe vera gel to dry lips. So that you get maximum results, use aloe vera gel regularly, especially right before bed.

Second, you can use petroleum jelly. For those who don’t know, petroleum jelly is similar to body lotion or body butter but can be applied to the lips.

Petroleum jelly has a clear and transparent texture, how to use it by applying it to the lips. This product is effective for overcoming and preventing the problem of lips that feel dry and chapped which is definitely safe for men.

3. Exfoliate Lips

The last tip you can do is exfoliate or exfoliate dead skin cells on the lips. When your lips are dry, the skin on your lips will generally peel and crack in texture.

You can use a mixture of sugar and honey to help the exfoliation process faster . Massage the lips that have been smeared with the mixture gently and then rinse with a wet towel.

After the dead skin cells on the lips are removed, immediately rub your lips with lip balm so they don’t dry out and keep the moisture in.

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