17 Most Effective and Easy Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

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17 Most Effective and Easy Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

Men like us not only have to pay attention to their outward appearance, but also their physical condition.

In the past month, I have always lacked rest because my work at the office is quite hectic .I only had time to sleep only 2 to 3 hours per night , that wasn’t good either. Too much work to do makes me have to stay awake for so long.

Because of that ineffective sleep, my eyes got puffy and a little droopy. This is not very nice to look at.At first I didn’t realize it, but my friends at the office advised me to rest more so that I could recover.

It’s just that, getting enough rest doesn’t necessarily eliminate eye bags directly, bro. I will share with you here some ways to get rid of eye bags that you can practice.

Causes of Eye Bags17 Most Effective and Easy Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

Before going any further, let’s first talk about the various possible causes of eye bags.

From my case above, the main cause of eye bags that I experienced was due to lack of sleep. If you like to drink caffeinated drinks or smoke , it can also be the cause of your difficulty sleeping and cause eye bags.

However, you should also know that the cause of eye bags is not only lack of sleep. There are several other factors that can cause eye bags and make you look less bright.

If you have skin problems, especially your face, eye bags will form more easily. Therefore, you need to take care of your facial skin so that it doesn’t sag and wrinkle easily so that eye bags can arise.

17 Most Effective and Easy Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally

Changes in the weather, hormones, or salty foods that make you experience fluid buildup in the body can also be the cause of the appearance of eye bags. Take care of your body and pay attention to the food you eat.

Diseases such as nasal congestion, anemia, or stress also have the potential to cause eye bags. So, try to maintain good health both physically and mentally.

For those of you who are more often indoors and rarely exposed to sunlight, you should also be careful. It would be better if you are exposed to the morning sun , at least 15 to 30 minutes a day.

However, there are some that we cannot prevent. Congenital from parents or heredity is difficult to avoid, because we will definitely get it from birth even though we have implemented a healthy lifestyle.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags

If it turns out that you have eye bags, there are various natural ways you can do to get rid of them

1. Cucumber

Have you ever seen an advertisement of a woman wearing cucumber as an eye mask?

One of the functions of cucumber is to keep facial skin in good condition and fresh, including eye bags.

If you are interested in trying it, you can try slicing a cucumber and then chilling it for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Even better if the cucumbers have been refrigerated overnight.

Then, you can stick the cucumber slices in the eye bag area. Wait for about 10 to 5 minutes, then remove and wash your face. Do it regularly every night if you want to prevent eye bags or eliminate them.

2. Cold Tea Bags

For those of you who like to drink tea bags, after using them, they are thrown away, right? It’s a shame, because the way I get rid of eye bags is with these used tea bags.

The content of tannins in tea bags can reduce swelling and discoloration around the eyes.

You can store the tea bags overnight in the refrigerator so you can use them in the morning.

The method is the same as using a cucumber, place it in the eye bags for 10 to 15 minutes .

3. Ice Cubes

The function of ice cubes is actually very much, bro. Starting from compresses when hot, relieves injuries, and can also reduce the shape of eye bags that protrude and turn black.

The trick is to wrap the ice cubes with a clean towel or cloth, then compress the eye area under the bag for about 10 minutes . Use it several times, don’t stick it continuously.

4. Tomato

The function of tomatoes for our face is not only to remove eye bags, but also to make the skin in the surrounding area more supple and smooth.

You can mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of tomato juice, then rub it on the pocket area. Let stand 10 minutes , then rinse with clean water.

Not only applied, you can also drink tomato juice mixed with lemon and mint leaves as an internal treatment to prevent eye bags.

5. Mint Leaves

The refreshing aroma makes mint leaves often used as a mixture in food and beverage ingredients. Not only that, mint leaves can also be used to remove eye bags.

Mash a few mint leaves mixed with a little water until the result looks like a scrub, then rub it into the eye area under bags, let stand for 10 minutes then wash with cold water

You can do this every night for at least a week to see the changes.

6. Lime and Lemon

The high vitamin C content of limes and lemons makes them both popular because they can treat various skin problems, including dark eyes and dark circles.Cut a lime or lemon in a circle, then stick it on the eye for about 10 to 15 minutes , surely the blackened area around the eye can be resolved if used regularly.

7. Rose Water

The trouble with men like us is that sometimes they ignore (don’t care) about body beauty, unlike women.

I myself used to be like that too, bro, and I just found out that it turns out that rose water can also get rid of eye bags.

Prepare a cotton swab, then dip it in rose water. Put it on for about 10 to 15 minutes on the eye bags, then rinse with warm water.

8. Aloe Vera

Not only to thicken and strengthen hair, aloe vera can eliminate eye bags.

You can mash aloe vera until smooth, then put it on the eye bags for 10 minutes . However, this time you don’t need to clean your face like other natural treatments, unless your face feels sticky.

9. Potato

High phosphoric acid and citric acid make potatoes useful for reducing inflammation and maintaining skin elasticity, including maintaining and repairing eye bags that arise.

Peel the potatoes clean, then blend until smooth. Put the mashed potato in a bag, then apply it to the eyes for about 15 minutes , then rinse your face and pat dry. You can do this therapy regularly for maximum results.

You can also use potatoes by grating, then taking the water extract. Soak a cotton swab in potato water extract, then place it on the eye for 15 minutes.

10. Almond Oil

Almonds, contain lots of vitamin E, so the oil can also function to moisturize and tighten the skin.

At night, take a little almond oil and put it on the eye bags, then massage gently . Leave it overnight, then wash your face when you wake up in the morning.

11. Honey

Skin regeneration which is one of the benefits of honey can be applied to eye bags by applying it to make it brighter.

If you want to get rid of eye bags, at night, you can apply honey on the eye bags and let it sit for 20 minutes , then rinse with clean water.

12. Turmeric

The efficacy of turmeric is to refresh dull and sagging skin. The combination of turmeric with mint leaves is also believed to be a natural remedy to get rid of eye bags.

Blend mint leaves until smooth then squeeze out the water. Add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric to the mint leaves, then apply it to the eye bags and wait 20 minutes until it dries. Rinse with clean water and you can feel the difference if you use it regularly.

13. Egg White

The vitamins contained in egg whites are believed to be able to tighten the skin, making it effective for removing eye bags.

How to use it is also easy. All you have to do is apply the egg white to your eye bags and let it sit for 20 minutes , then when it dries, rinse it off with warm water.

14. Olive Oil

Not only tightens and smoothes the skin, olive oil is also able to remove eye bags thanks to the antioxidants contained in it.

If you have panda eyes, apply olive oil before going to bed then massage gently. Do it regularly until the eye bags disappear.

15. Coconut Oil

Glass bowl filled with coconut oil and half coconut with pieces isolated on white background

The content of vitamin E and antioxidants in coconut oil is able to repair dry skin and damaged skin cells, it also contains lactic acid which functions to tighten the skin.

How to use it the same as olive oil, apply before bed and massage gently. Leave it until morning.

16. Orange Juice

A mixture of orange juice with glycerin that is rubbed into the eye bags is believed to gradually remove eye bags. Your eyes will also look more radiant when used regularly.

17. Cold Milk

You can prepare a cotton swab and dip it in cold milk, then apply it to the eye bag area, let it sit for a moment, then wash your face thoroughly. Eye bags will gradually disappear and your face is also fresher.

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