These 10 Health Problems of Men Will Shocked You

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These 10 Health Problems of Men Will Shocked You

Have you ever worried about health problems? Even though we are still young, we actually have to care about health problems too.

In this fast-paced and instant era, we are always required to be dynamic and agile. If we are young, maybe there is no problem. However, what if one day we experience health problems that have actually accumulated but are ignored?

Well, health problems are actually not just something that certain age groups or genders complain about. There are also many men’s health problems that we often miss, or maybe we don’t want to discuss in depth because we are embarrassed.

Why Men tend to be shy about their health problems..?These 10 Health Problems of Men Will Shocked You

As intelligent beings who are considered stronger, men often ignore small problems such as health and only feel the impact when the problem becomes bigger and interferes with their daily lives.

which is still experiencing gender bias. Men are also considered stronger and can overcome all problems alone, so it is rare for a man to complain and tell others about his weaknesses.

In fact, the slightest problem should be consulted. If you can’t tell a friend, you can consult a professional. Problems with sleeplessness, for example, can be consulted with a trusted doctor.

I myself once had a friend who died young for unknown reasons. His family was confused about the cause of death, because there were no signs of illness.

These 10 Health Problems of Men Will Shocked You

However, there are also those who consult a doctor without anyone knowing , so that when he dies, there is a private doctor who can diagnose the cause of his death.

As a man, what do you do when you face health problems? Keep quiet, talk to a professional, or ask a friend for advice?

If you do, don’t be shy about asking other people’s opinions. At least from the closest people first. If you are afraid of being laughed at or belittled by friends, you can immediately consult a more expert. Easy, but hard to do.

Come on, let go of pride and shame. It is better for us to know the current health problem and be able to treat it than to know when the problem gets worse and difficult to treat.

Various Men’s Health Problems

Health problems can range from simple ones like the flu and cough to health problems that are only experienced by certain genders.

There are men’s health problems that are specifically experienced by men, there are also those that can be afflicted by women or more generally. However, it is this neglect factor that sometimes makes the problem bigger and more difficult to overcome.

1.Breast Cancer in Men

Not only women, bro, men can also get breast cancer. Although less common, breast cancer can attack men like us.

Male breast cancer can occur at any age , although it is more common in men in their 60s to 70s.

The symptoms are the same as for women. There is a lump in the breast that is supple, doesn’t move, and sometimes doesn’t hurt, the nipple is pulled inward and oozes fluid, the nipple is hardened and swollen and redder, and sores that won’t heal in the area around the nipple.

There are several factors that can increase men’s risk of breast cancer, ranging from heredity, obesity, severe liver disease, radiation exposure to the chest, to excessive use of the hormone estrogen for prostate cancer treatment.

2. Prostate Cancer

Speaking of prostate cancer, it concerns the future of men. The prostate is a small gland located at the base of the bladder and functions as a producer of semen, the fluid that is released with sperm during ejaculation.

Prostate cancer does not have any symptoms in its early stages, which makes it difficult to detect . However, when the patient begins to experience urinary problems, the cancer may have grown or the prostate gland has become inflamed.

The cause is a genetic mutation in the cells in the prostate gland whose cause can not be known with certainty.

However, there are also other causes such as obesity, unhealthy eating patterns, frequent exposure to chemicals, increasing age, genetic or hereditary factors, to people with sexually transmitted diseases.

According to data provided by the American Cancer Society , 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. 6 out of 10 cases of this cancer occur in men over the age of 65 years. prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men.

3. Depression

Mental disorders are the most underestimated problems. Often the treatment is done in a spiritual way, even though the mental is disturbed.

Depression itself can actually be suffered by anyone. However, back again to the issue of openness, men are more introverted, especially if it is related to mentality.

Usually, men who are depressed will cover it up with unhealthy behaviors such as overwork, drinking, reckless driving, and the use of illegal drugs.

Men with depression often feel empty and hopeless, look tired and always running out of energy, have trouble sleeping, and don’t enjoy the pleasures of activities they usually enjoy.

The causes are varied, ranging from physical health problems that are difficult to overcome with ordinary treatment, some are experiencing problems in their lives such as work, romantic relationships, to problems in social life that are increasingly piling up.

4. Lung Cancer

Men with lung cancer are usually labeled as heavy smokers. That’s not necessarily the case though.

Although the main cause of lung cancer is smoking , there are also other factors, ranging from frequent exposure to air pollution, living or working in an environment that contains harmful chemicals, genetic factors, or having experienced radiotherapy.

There are no early symptoms for people with lung cancer. New symptoms arise when the tumor is large enough or the cancer has spread to the tissues and organs around the lungs.

The symptoms range from a chronic cough that doesn’t go away, coughing up blood, chest pain and bone pain, drastic weight loss, and shortness of breath.

To diagnose whether a person has lung cancer, namely by X-rays, CT scans, lung tissue biopsies, even doctors will do a PET scan to see the spread of cancer throughout the body if needed.

5. Diabetes

Although it can be suffered by women or men, the initial symptoms experienced tend to be different.

The problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction is a symptom of various health problems, including diabetes. Some people with diabetes on average have problems with erectile dysfunction.

A yeast infection in the genitals can also be a sign that a man has diabetes. Itching, redness, swelling, and an unpleasant odor in the genital area arise. Sometimes it hurts when having sex.

If you have drastic weight loss, you should be alert and see a doctor. It could be because you have diabetes.

High blood sugar levels cause the body to break down fat and muscle cells to produce energy. Usually the side effects are being easily tired, sleepy quickly, and lack of focus.

There are also other factors that can cause and worsen diabetes, including smoking, obesity, high blood pressure or cholesterol, lack of physical activity such as exercise, and unhealthy eating patterns.

6. Testicular Cancer

Compared to other types of cancer, testicular cancer is quite rare and rarely affects men. However, we do not necessarily underestimate it too, bro.

Having a form like a malignant tumor that develops in one or both testicles, this cancer can be completely cured even if it has spread to other parts of the body.

Symptoms are swelling or lumps in the testicles, pain in the scrotum, some experience other things such as fluid in the scrotum, breast enlargement or pain, to back pain.

7. Heart Disease

Men are at high risk of heart disease. Especially if the man is a smoker , which can cause constriction of blood vessels and lead to certain heart diseases.

Early symptoms of heart disease are usually not too bothersome and are often overlooked.

Starting from difficulty breathing after normal activities such as walking or jogging and going up and down stairs, chest pain, shortness of breath, frequent tingling, to pain in the upper body, especially the neck and jaw for no particular reason.

There are also factors that increase a person’s risk for heart disease, such as smoking, infrequent exercise, drinking alcoholic beverages, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, depression, and obesity.

8. Acne

This male health problem seems quite simple when compared to the others, but has a direct effect on the appearance of men .

I personally sometimes get annoyed when it’s neat and I want to go to the office but when I look in the mirror, a pimple appears.

In contrast to women who have acne because they are not suitable for facial care, acne in men is more often caused by other things. Starting from food, stress, not cleaning the face, and environmental factors that are dusty and unhealthy.

Acne in men is even more difficult to remove because of the oily skin on the face, making it more annoying.

9. Erectile Dysfunction

One of the men’s health problems that can have a negative impact on their physical and mental health is the problem of erectile dysfunction.

There is an inability to achieve or maintain an erection so that men feel embarrassed and tend to lack self-confidence. Erections are less firm, less long, even too often are part of erectile dysfunction.

The causes also vary, ranging from having symptoms of certain diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, or heart symptoms, it can also be due to stress or depression, the factors of drugs that are consumed, or have experienced an injury to the penis and its surroundings.

Therefore, many of the men with erectile dysfunction also have other diseases that are sometimes difficult to treat and require a long process.

10. Hair Loss

The problem of male baldness is often a frightening specter. Men are more likely to experience baldness caused by hair loss.

The causes are varied, ranging from severe stress, genetics or heredity, unhealthy lifestyle and food, to smoking.

There are also other mistakes that are not realized, such as using the wrong shampoo and hair cleanser, excessive styling with gel or hair dye, and combing hair when it is wet.

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