Best Effective Methods to Maintain Men’s Hair Healthy

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Best Effective Methods to Maintain Men’s Hair Healthy

Have you ever thought that the topic about hair is not just pomade and dandruff? It turns out, how to maintain the health of men’s hair is also an important topic for you to pay attention to, you know.

Having healthy and strong hair is the dream of almost everyone. This is because hair is very influential on appearance, both men and women.

So for those of you who still think that hair care is only for women, you should immediately change that old-school mindset . As a man, it is also important to have healthy, well-groomed, and beautiful hair to look at.

There are several ways to maintain healthy men’s hair that are easy and proven effective. The method is divided into 2 types, namely using natural ingredients and daily care tips which include what can and cannot be done.

But before discussing it all, it’s a good idea to first understand what factors can trigger unhealthy hair. For more details, just follow the discussion below.

Factors That Cause Unhealthy HairBest Effective Methods to Maintain Men's Hair Healthy

There are several main characteristics of men’s hair in the unhealthy category, for example, such as split ends, dryness, loss, and lots of dandruff . Whether we realize it or not, this is actually triggered by several factors that can actually be avoided easily.

If you experience such a problem

It will definitely interfere with your daily activities. Worse still, you are not confident when you meet people even though the activities you do require intense interaction.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the factors that cause unhealthy hair. So what are these factors? Here’s the explanation.

1. Exposure to the Sun

For those of you who often do outdoor activities, you should give more attention to your hair. You need to know, hair that is exposed to direct sunlight with high intensity can trigger the emergence of new problems.

Basically, hair with this kind of case will lose its moisture . If it goes to the extreme, the hair will lack water so that later it becomes dry, dull, and cracked.

Before all these problems occur, it would be better if you take precautions. There are several effective ways that can be applied and do not require excessive effort .

The first is to use a head covering when outdoors. This method is effective for blocking direct contact between hair and sunlight and avoiding dust pollution from the surrounding environment.

In addition, you can also use conditioner more intensely to keep your hair moisturized. But don’t forget to choose a male conditioner that matches your hair characteristics so that it can work optimally.

2. Shampoo Products Are Not Suitable

The second factor is often not realized by the majority of men. Generally they think that all shampoo products can be used without the need to pay attention to the content in it.

When you use the wrong shampoo, the bad effect is that it exacerbates existing problems . So, always make sure to pay attention to the details of the shampoo content you are using and also understand the benefits.

For example, if your hair is dry and rough, choose a shampoo that is rich in vitamin E and argan oil . These two ingredients can make hair soft and look shiny again.

Or you can also choose a shampoo that contains a lot of natural ingredients. In this way, your hair moisture is intensively maintained and also overcomes various unhealthy hair problems .

3. Lack of Nutrients

Nutrients in the body also have a direct effect on hair health. Examples of the most common problems that arise when the body is malnourished are dry, brittle, limp, and split ends .

For dry and brittle hair for example. This is an indication that your body lacks essential nutrients such as vitamin A and zinc.

Then the problem of limp and branched hair can also be interpreted if the body does not get adequate intake of vitamin B6 and iron. And to overcome this, always make sure that the food you consume daily provides adequate nutrition.

Nutritionists advise to increase the consumption of foods that contain lots of vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. Then it is also necessary to add protein in the body, for example by consuming eggs and fish and additional supplements if needed.

Natural Ways to Maintain Healthy Men’s Hair

After knowing the various causes of unhealthy hair, you should also understand what are the ways or methods that can be applied to maintain the health of men’s hair.

For the safest and least risky method, you can use natural ingredients . You also don’t need to spend a lot of capital because this material is easy to find and the price is very affordable.

In order not to be more curious, just take a look at the list of natural ingredients that can be used to maintain healthy hair below. Check it out!

1. Aloe Vera

This natural ingredient should be familiar. Since ancient times, aloe vera is known to be effective in making hair healthier and more beautiful and has been extracted into many shampoos.

Aloe vera is most often used to prevent brittle, dry, and dandruff hair . For how to use it, first make sure that your hair is clean. It will be even better when you use it after you wash it.

Then, cut the aloe vera and take the liquid or gel into a container. Just rub the gel into your hair evenly and let it soak for about 30 minutes.

After drying, just rinse with warm water. You can do this method at least once a week to get maximum results.

2. Coconut Oil

The next natural ingredient that is also easily available is coconut oil. Coconut oil is rich in nutrients that are very good for hair health.

These nutrients include vitamins K and E, essential fats, and lauric acid . All these ingredients can keep your hair moisturized and softer.

To get it, you can buy it directly at the nearest store or you can also dry the coconut until the oil comes out. Then, apply it evenly to the hair until it reaches the scalp.

Wait about 15 minutes to dry. The last step, you just rinse with shampoo so it doesn’t leave a smell.

Coconut oil is also considered capable of stimulating hair growth. To get maximum results, you should repeat the method at least once a week.

3. Olive Oil

In addition to coconut oil, olive oil is also no less effective when used to maintain healthy hair and soften it. This is because olive oil contains a lot of vitamin E which is the right nutrition for hair .

It’s also very easy to use. Just take enough olive oil and apply it to the hair evenly while adding a little massage.

Let all the nutrients contained in this olive oil seep into the scalp for 15 minutes. If you have, rinse with shampoo so that the hair does not stick.

For those of you who have split ends, olive oil is really worth a try. To enjoy optimal results, the recommended usage interval is once a week.

4. Lime

Of the various natural ingredients mentioned earlier, you could say lime is the easiest to get. Even so, it turns out that the vitamin C content in lime is very suitable to be applied directly to the hair .

The trick is to use 2-3 limes then squeeze into a container. After that, add enough water and then rub it into the hair evenly.

Wait a few moments and rinse with clean water. This method can make your hair look shinier and the texture softer.

5. Banana

If you are interested in getting healthy hair, not dull, and maintaining its softness, then bananas are a natural ingredient that you can try. Bananas are rich in vitamins C and B6 which can nourish hair growth and can be used to prevent hair problems.

The trick is to smooth enough bananas and then smooth the dough all over the hair. Wait about 15 minutes until it dries then rinse with clean water.

You can also add pure honey to the banana mixture for more optimal results. Repeat this method at least 1 time a week so that hair problems do not appear easily.

Tips for Maintaining Daily Hair Health

In addition to using natural ingredients as mentioned above, you can also maintain healthy hair by following certain daily routines .

The habit in question is actually quite simple and practical, but because of its daily nature, you should do it regularly. In addition, there are also some basic things that should not be done because it has a bad effect on hair health.

Curious what you need to do? Check out the explanation in the points below. Let’s check it out!

1. Limit Use of Straighteners

Like women, straighteners can also be used by men to help straighten hair texture. Many men use this tool, especially for men with long hair or men with wavy hair who want to straighten their hair.

Best Effective Methods to Maintain Men’s Hair Healthy

But you should be careful when using a hair straightener. Intensity that is too frequent can actually make your hair dry, branched, brittle, and even fall out .

Therefore, there are some tips that you can use as a guide. First, try to use a vise with not too high heat conductivity, usually having a ceramic coating instead of iron.

Then make sure to straighten when the hair is dry, but don’t dry with a hair dryer and let it go naturally. Then when fixing do not make many additional movements and try to do it slowly and steadily.

And most importantly, don’t brush your hair too often. It’s best to only do it when it’s really needed.

2. Regularly Use Conditioner

Conditioner turns out to play an important role in the health of men’s hair. The way conditioner works is to moisturize the hair and scalp and keep it shiny even though you often do outdoor activities.

How to use it is to apply it evenly throughout the hair. Make sure to reach the ends of the hair because that is precisely the part that is most prone to damage.

Let stand for a while so that all the content can be absorbed properly. If so, just rinse with clean water.

You can use conditioner after using shampoo. With regular use, you will get hair that is much healthier, softer, and looks shiny.

3. Don’t Wash Every Day

Washing too often can actually damage the hair. This happens because the shampoo can strip the natural oils in the scalp which in turn causes the hair to become dry and lose moisture .

Therefore, it is not recommended to wash your hair every day. The best timeframe is 2-3 times a week.

In this way, the moisture in your hair will be maintained. In addition, all the nutrients and content in the shampoo can also be absorbed optimally by the scalp and hair.

4. Regular Hair Cutting

The next tip to maintain healthy hair is to regularly cut hair. This method is effective for removing dry and damaged hair .

You need to know, the problem that is often experienced by men is split ends. Therefore, this
problem can be overcome by trimming the ends of the hair so that the base is maintained healthy.

The right time to go to the barbershop is every 6-8 weeks. But if before that time, hair problems have appeared, don’t hesitate to trim them immediately.

5. Avoid Rubbing Hair With Towels

This last method may be less aware of you or even often done. Rubbing your hair with a towel is the wrong way and will lead to hair damage .

When you rub your hair with a towel, it can damage the texture and cause split ends. Especially if you do it after every shower, it’s just a matter of time until the problem appears.

Therefore, you should let your hair dry naturally. You can use a towel as long as you rub it slowly with regular movements so that the shape and texture of the hair is maintained.

Well, that’s a review of various ways to maintain the health of men’s hair that you can try to practice everyday.

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