Must Know These Benefits of Playing Chess for a Healthy Brain and Mental Health

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Must Know These Benefits of Playing Chess for a Healthy Brain and Mental Health

There are many benefits of playing chess that we can get, ranging from training sharpness of thinking, to training speed. Where are the benefits that are most felt and have a positive impact on us?

Chess is one of the most popular sports. Chess players are known to have a sharp mind, and they are usually good at math.

Even though it’s only done sitting down, chess is still a sport, brain exercise to be precise, it can even train mentally.

Recently, the game of chess has become a byword for many people after previously held live chess matches on Youtube. In fact, this chess match is the most watched match on Youtube.

Previously, the game of chess had only a few fans and certain circles. However, this game has many benefits. We already know many ways to improve and optimize our brain health.

Must Know These Benefits of Playing Chess for a Healthy Brain and Mental Health

Starting from exercising for better productivity, eating healthy foods so that the brain and body can work together well, and ensuring we can get enough sleep without insomnia. We can also keep our brains fit by doing puzzles and even by learning foreign languages.

But what about chess? This sport is popular all over the world, and is usually associated with strategy and intelligence. The benefits of playing chess are not just talk.

If you are already a chess lover, the following article will make you feel great about this favorite game. If not, this article might motivate you to get started because you know the health benefits of playing chess are surprisingly good.

Benefits of Playing Chess for Health

Different from games or sports in general that rely on energy, playing chess relies more on the brain to play. So, because of that, there are many benefits of playing chess that are very beneficial for us, especially for the brain and mental.

Want to know what are the benefits of playing chess? See below.

1. Improve Memory

Must Know These Benefits of Playing Chess for a Healthy Brain and Mental Health

The first benefit of playing chess is that it can improve our memory. Most serious chess players know that playing chess improves memory.

Being a good player means remembering how our opponents played in the past and remembering the moves that have helped us win before. There are many studies that support that playing chess is beneficial for improving human memory.

2. Increase IQ

The second benefit of playing chess is to increase our IQ or intelligence. By playing chess we learn to think to consider new problems and use logic to solve problems.

It also trains how to solve challenges efficiently. These two thinking abilities are very influential in intelligence.

3. Increase Creativity

Increasing creativity is the next benefit of playing chess that we can get. Playing chess can activate the right brain which is responsible for creativity.

This will make us even more creative. The test was conducted on a group of children playing chess and a group doing other activities. The group of children who played chess scored higher on all measures of creativity.

4. Practice Problem-Solving Skills

In every game of chess we play we are faced with challenges and problems that must be solved in order to play the best game.

Chess can help us think ahead, don’t rush into decisions, and weigh the pros and cons when making our choices.

Correlation with the challenges we face in everyday life, and just like in chess, we try to make the best choices to develop positive outcomes for our lives. The benefits of playing chess can be applied to everyday life, right?

5. Active Brain Is Healthy

The next benefit of playing chess is a very meaningful benefit for our brain. When we play chess, the brain will be challenged to train logic, develop pattern recognition, make decisions both visually and analytically, and test memory.

Chess can also be enjoyed by all ages. And this brain exercise can be part of a lifetime of brain health! An active brain is a healthy brain!

6. Practice Calm When Under Pressure

The benefits of playing chess are very useful for our mental health. By playing chess we learn how to exercise our composure when we are under pressure.

In an intense game of chess where we have given our all, time is running out, and we still have to make important decisions to bring the points home teaching us to stay calm under pressure.

We must stay focused, while remaining calm so that the brain can work optimally. We are all faced with deadlines, presentations, interviews, and exams throughout our lives, just like in a game of chess, we must remain confident and calm to do our best.

7. Preventing Dementia

The benefits of playing chess can prevent dementia, especially in the elderly. Activities that train the brain to be active by playing chess are indeed very good for brain health so that they can prevent dementia and even depression and anxiety.

8. Assist in Therapy and Rehabilitation

Chess can be used to help rehabilitate patients recovering from a physically debilitating stroke or accident and as a form of therapy for people with autism or other developmental disorders.

Moving chess pieces across the board can help develop and fine-tune the patient’s motor skills, while the mental effort required to play the game can improve cognitive and communication skills.

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